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Installa WebDrive on another machine

Hi All

I am going to decommission an old server and I will move to a virtualised one.

From the old server I will remove WebDrive,
my question is: the license code will work on the new machine?

thank you in advance

best regards

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You can use your license for an install on another computer by first Deactivating the license on the server that is being decommissioned.

To Deactivate: Go to Help/Info --> License Information --> Activate License --> Deactivate --> Choose "Yes" in the pop-up prompt to confirm.

Then, you can Activate the license on an install on another computer.

If you cannot get to the old computer (hard drive crash, etc.), you can manage your activations by logging into

To login, use your Email Address that you used to purchase your license with, and your Registration Code. Once logged in, you can Deactivate licenses using the web browser interface.

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