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If WebDrive supported my cloud service of choice, i would definately purchase a license.  There are already open source tools for logging into mega and manipulating your files from command line linux... these tools also support mounting the cloud service under FUSE in linux.  With a little investigation i dont think adding support for mega would be too difficult.

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mot de pass mega comte

was curious if this was planned at all?  would be great for me.


Yo siempre usaba mega para guardar mis fotos de toda mi vida pero me la acaban de cerar diciendo que violaba sus servicios por favor ayudeneme solo quiero recuperar mis fotos y no se si sera ilegal por tener animes no tengo pornografia ni nada malo solo tenia animes y mis fotos no veo nada ilegal ahi por favor ayuda
La aplicación no abre, dice que mi cuenta fue suspendida por violación de los terminos Pero no hay nada malo, y me gustaría recuperar todo

Hola buenas noches ante todo..... se que me han cerrado mi cuenta de mega por incumplimientos con las reglas y quería pedirle por favor que me den la oportunidad de al menos poder rescatar mis fotos que eh tenido en ahí almacenados, solo ese estoy pidiendo por favor

Muchas gracias espero lean este mensaje


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Hi dear , I have been blocked by MEGA so can you please help me to unblock it ? Because I have so many personal and important pictures in my MEGA.NZ , I would be glad if you help me out as well as possible Sent from my iPhone connection support is added to a list of Features to be considered for inclusion with WebDrive; however there is no timeline for adding this functionality at this time. 



The one feature which sets Webdrive apart from other solutions is that it's like a drive mapping Swiss Army knife. Adding support for protocols and platforms which already have a documented and open API seems like a no-brainer to me. It's why i purchased Webdrive in the first place. Same is true for NFS support.

Please consider adding Mega and even SMB (yes I know Windows has a built-in client but would prefer more granular control over caching, independent of CSC or CA settings or Windows version used).

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