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Windows 10 Anniversary update error 1204

After the "big update" of Windows 10 Anniversary, I can no longer mount any WebDrive volumes due to the following:

Status: Connect failed

Error (1204) - The specified network provider name is invalid.

Any ideas?

This happens with SFTP volumes and a Box volume (the only two types I have, fyi).

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This issue has been resolved with our latest released version of WebDrive for Windows (WebDrive 2016 Build 4368). The latest released version can be found within WebDrive by going to Help/Info --> License Information --> Check for Update or on our website:

 Is the issue still remains after installing the most recent version, please install WebDrive again and then restart your computer. You do not need to first Uninstall - you can simply install WebDrive again over top of the current installation.

Hello I have webdrive V2017 and the proble continue on each windows 10 update. It is frustrating. I have to reinstall again and again loosing a lot of time. Is there a real solution for this problem? Thanks

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