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Channel encryption with Titan server in SFTP mode

 According to the information on one of the product pages,

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)  [Enterprise Edition Only] Supports SSH file transfer protocol versions 3 through 6. and transfers all information over an encrypted channel.

How do I configure channel encryption in Titan? So far the only reference to channel encryption I could find on the SSL tab, presumably, unrelated to SFTP.

What I did in the past with OpenSSH (SFTP server) and WinSCP (Cleint) was configure two pairs of keys, one for encrypting the files being sent, the other - for encrypting the files being received. What I'm looking for is a similar capability in Titan.


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Channel encryption is native in SSH's Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). There is no need to do anything specific when using SFTP.

Regarding '...two pairs of keys, one for encrypting files being sent, the other...' is completely outside the scope of SFTP or SSH which encrypts data passing over the wire.

encrypting and decrypting the files before they go over the wire, or after they have been received over the wire would be done using something like PGP or some other generic file encryption process.

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